Our spotlight city: Hildale City!

Greetings from the most eastern city in Washington County! Hildale is well known throughout our county, our geographical region and especially in our state. Hildale City has entered a progressive era and is emerging with tremendous possibilities. Hildale City has had it’s pioneering days, it’s golden days, yes, even tough and dark days, but most importantly has come back to life as one of Utah’s promising emerging cities. The culture of working and pulling together has been one of Hildale’s most admired capabilities. Hildale wants it’s spotlight and focus on its future. Bringing forward the same work ethics and core values that have sustained it in the past as it reopens its doors to business and industry. Many find it great and quaint in the Southern Utah landscape. It is a place to visit a rich diverse cultural environment. Nestled in a beautiful location on the high desert, emerging and openhearted people who have brought home the economic mantra of “Open for business.” Contributing work ethic, education theme, well respected raw talent in every aspect of building and construction as well as technology and financial service to the region. Hildale is a community that “Cooperation” has built. To the many who once lived here and have returned, to the many who have chosen to stay and join together, with many new citizens that come from every direction of our great country, Hildale has re-branded with the motto, “Welcome Home!”

One of the outstanding accomplishments for Hildale City is that it has been willing to put it’s best foot forward to create a dynamic and new direction. Hildale elected it’s first democratically elected City Council as well as it’s first female Mayor. Mayor Donia Jessop has been an outstanding voice for cultural respect as well as diversity and open door policy for Hildale. Donia Jessop has been recognized as the State of Utah Top 10 Women of The Century by USA Today.

Hildale City has taken the beginning steps to re-focus and re-emerge as a community into mainstream society. Hildale brings important experience and input that will directly affect the outcome and direction for Washington County. The strides made in personal property expansions, economic development, natural resources, water development, and parks and recreation are monumental. Hildale is investing it’s historic emphasis on progress and the future.

A much honored past which includes the devoted lives of many early settlers and community pioneers, Hildale City has awakened to it’s enormous possibilities. Rich in the Southwestern heritage, the best years of Hildale are ahead. Zion’s Park cliffs and wilderness areas are the backdrop of Hildale City.

Hildale is honored to be named as the focus city for the 2021 Washington County Fair – and is proud to have Mayor Donia Jessop, named as Grand Marshal. Hildale City extends warmest greetings to all of Utah, Washington County and our fellow communities.

“Welcome Home”