The Utility Board will meet on Thursday, June 23rd ,2020 at 6:00 p.m. M.D.T.
At 320 East Newel Ave, Hildale UT 84784
1. Call to Order
2. Prayer & Pledge of Allegiance
3. Public Comment
4. Approval of Meeting Minutes
5. Director Report
6. Consideration and Possible Action of FY 2021 Budget and Action Items
7. Consideration and Possible Action on Employee Bonus
8. Consideration and Possible Action on North Jessop Avenue Water Line Extension
Project Funding
9. Discussion of COVID 19 Deferments
10. Review of Water Distribution Mainline Extension Policy
11. Review of Utility Vehicle Demarcation Policy
12. Review of Bowen & Collins Water Study
13. Adjournment
14. DOJ Constitutional TrainingBoard Packet 062520 wo. budget