Hildale City RFP General Plan Update 2020

Request for Proposals
2020 General Plan Update

The City of Hildale,
320 East Newel Avenue,
P.O. Box 840490
Hildale, Utah 84784

Request for Proposals to Prepare General Plan Update

NOTICE IS HEREBY given that the City of Hildale (City) is seeking proposals from consultants qualified to provide professional services for preparation of an update to its General Plan.


The City of Hildale, with an incorporated population of approximately 2,500, is located in Washington County, one of the fastest-growing metropolitan statistical areas in the country.

The City last prepared a comprehensive update to its General Plan in 2016 which is available on the city website, hildalecity.com.

General Instructions, Terms, and Conditions

  1. Submittals shall consist of 6 hard copies and one electronic copy (pdf) of the consultant’s proposal for services. Proposals or unsolicited amendments to proposals arriving after the proposal submission deadline will not be considered.
  2. Proposals shall explain how the consultant plans to meet the scope of work requirements
  3. Proposals shall be received by 5:00 p.m. Thursday, August 13th, 2020.
  4. Send proposals to the attention of John Barlow, Hildale City Manager at the above address; emails with questions and electronic submittals must be sent to planning@hildalecity.com with a cc to manager@hildalecity.com.
  5. Proposals shall be binding for 90 days following the deadline date and time.

Conditions of Award

An evaluation team will evaluate the submitted proposals. The City reserves the right to:

  1. Reject any or all proposals or to make no award;
  2. require modifications to initial proposals;
  3. negotiate; or
  4. make partial or multiple awards.

The City will not consider proposals that have a proposed budgeted total cost that exceeds $50,000.00.

The City further reserves the right to excuse technical defects in a proposal when, in its sole discretion, such excuse is beneficial to the City.

The City may award based on initial proposals received or may invite selected consultants to make a presentation to the evaluation team. To the extent permitted by law, all documents submitted as part of a proposal will be deemed as confidential during the evaluation process and until the award of contract. There shall be no disclosure of any consultant’s information to a competing consultant prior to the award of a contract. A contract will be awarded only after official action by the City Council.

Work Plan:

The City seeks update to the Hildale City General Plan that takes into account the considerable changes to the economy, the nature of business, the demands for housing, new State laws, and the desires of the community and provides a solid vision for the future of the community over the next 10 years that can be used by elected and appointed officials to guide decisions.

The scope of work includes a rewrite of all current plan elements and a light review of current land use codes that may need to be updated to mesh with the new vision in the General Plan.

Plan elements to be included are:

  • Land Use
  • Transportation and Traffic Circulation
  • Open Space and Trails
  • Moderate Income Housing
  • Heritage and Cultural Resources
  • Economic Opportunities
  • Outdoor resources
  • Development of Goals and Guidelines

The work to complete all required elements will be undertaken in collaboration with the City of Hildale professional staff, Planning Commission, and City Council.

This proposal needs to develop current economic, demographic, and trade area trend information, and assess future land use needs. Based on this information the Consultant will objectively develop and create a future land use map, implementation policy recommendations, criteria for the development of subsequent neighborhood plans, and propose land use management techniques to encourage development within the planned infill and expansion areas.

It is the sole responsibility of the respondent to ensure that proposals are received prior to the closing time as late submittals will not be accepted and will be returned unopened. The physical address is: 320 East Newel Avenue, Hildale, Utah 84784 The email addresses for submittal are: planning@hildalecity.com and manager@hildalecity.com

Consultant Responsibilities:

With assistance from City staff, the consultant responsibilities are:

  • developing and executing a stakeholder (i.e. residents, property owners, Planning Commissioners, and Councilmembers) engagement plan,
  • document generation and assembly,
  • goal and objective development,
  • future land use map and zoning map in a format which can be integrated into the City’s GIS department,
  • Master Plan update modeling alternative scenarios,
  • specific planning for highway commercial area (i.e. transportation plan, types of business to encourage development, design standards with digital mockups, etc.),
  • specific planning for the downtown area (i.e. transportation plan, types of business to encourage development, design standards with digital mockups, etc.),
  • criteria for the development of subsequent neighborhood plans,
  • proposed land use management techniques to encourage development within the planned infill and expansion areas,
  • Metrics for measuring the accomplishment of the desired outcomes.

The City has a seven-person Planning Commission which will provide a structured forum for public input and provide high-level advice to the City concerning the Growth Policy as it is developed.

Primary contact by the consultants will be with the City Manager.

Consultants may, as part of their plan to reduce costs, plan for City staff to schedule, notice, and facilitate community engagement meetings.

Submission Requirements and Instructions

All requirements in this section are mandatory.

  1. A brief summary of the project and stakeholder engagement plan and use of City Staff to reduce time and transportation costs
  2. Outline of Services
  3. A cost proposal for a specific “not to exceed” fixed fee, with descriptive associated fees (e.g. printing costs, attendance at meetings, travel, etc.)
  4. A project timeline and completion date (Must not extend beyond October 31, 2021)
  5. A cost for modifications to the Project by the City subsequent to the final successful delivery
  6. Summary of qualifications and work on similar projects (Please include examples of general planning as well as specific planning (i.e. development standards and building mockups for highway commercial area or downtown area)

Questions relating to the scope of services and project management may be directed to John Barlow, Hildale City Manager.

All requests for information or clarification and the related answers/information will be posted to the City’s website (hildalecity.com). Applicants are responsible for regularly checking for clarifications during the RFP process.

City Staff will evaluate all responses to the RFP to ensure that they are responsive to the RFP and meet all mandatory submission requirements. All RFP responses that meet the minimum requirements will be forwarded to the evaluation committee.

City Staff will schedule a meeting with respondents and the evaluation committee via online video conference in an open meeting in which the evaluation committee can ask clarifying questions regarding the respondents’ proposal.

The evaluation committee will fill out the subjective rating scheme (attached) after video conference meetings, with the exception of cost scoring which will be completed by staff.

An award of a successful proposal will be made within 30 days.

All proposals submitted in response to this RFP become the property of the City and public records and, as such, may be subject to public review. The City reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals; to add or delete items and/or quantities; to waive any minor irregularities, informalities.

The City reserves the right to cancel this RFP. If the City cancels this RFP, all Contractors who submitted proposals will be notified using email. This project is subject to the availability of funds.

Respondents shall have the responsibility of all salaries, wages, bonuses, retirement, withholdings, worker’s compensation and occupational disease compensation, insurance, unemployment compensation other benefits and taxes, and premiums appurtenant thereto concerning its officers, employees, contractors, and consultants. Each respondent shall save and hold the City harmless with respect to any and all claims for payment, compensation, salary, wages, bonuses, retirement, withholdings, worker’s compensation and occupational disease compensation, insurance, unemployment compensation other benefits and taxes and premiums in any way related to each respondent’s officers, employees, contractors, and consultants.