August 31, 2018


(Hildale, Utah)  Hildale City has put a temporary pause on development in the city for a three-month period beginning August 30, 2018.  In a meeting on Wednesday, the City Council voted to adopt a temporary land use regulation putting a hold on any new building and development applications, preserving the status quo while the City drafts a new zoning ordinance.  The Council found that such a step would be necessary to safeguard the interests of local property owners who might otherwise see developers build projects in their backyard that would impact the value and enjoyment of their property.  As the City has been preparing to enact a zoning ordinance for the first time in its history, staff have seen a surge of land use and development applications trying to take advantage of what some see as a closing window of opportunity.  In a town where residents have come to treasure the rural, hometown atmosphere, the City government was otherwise helpless to step in to ensure that good planning prevails.  City Manager John Barlow says that Hildale City’s goal is not to discourage development, but to stimulate growth by moving quickly to put a common-sense process in place, to make building in Hildale as simple and straightforward as possible.  With the same goal in mind, the City is also quickly moving forward with a reevaluation of its historically high development impact fees, with the intent to reduce those fees to the lowest practical level.  The pause of development is expected to last no longer than three months, with the goal of shortening that period if the City can pass zoning sooner.  The public is invited to bring their questions and comments to a town hall on Friday August 31st, 2018 at the City Hall, 320 East Newel Avenue, at 6:00 P.M.