Our Mission is to serve, protect, preserve, and provide for the citizens of HildaleĀ and facilitate their happiness in honor and confidence.

It is the Mission of the Government of the City of Hildale

First, to SERVE our fellow men, to PROTECT and PRESERVE in full energy their Constitutional rights and liberties; and then to PROVIDE for their mutual needs with a sincere desire for their peace and happiness, their honors, and their rewards, seeking nothing more for ourselves than that which we seek for others; and to FACILITATE as much as possible space for their enterprise and incentive for their industry/, securing to them the four main pillars of prosperity, viz.: agriculture, manufacturing, commerce, and transportation.

To accomplish this mission, we will uphold HONOR as the standard and CONFIDENCE as the means by practicing economy in expenditures and studying the convenience of the people more than the comforts of the government; by entertaining no local prejudices or attachments, no separate views or party animosities; by practicing equality, honesty, and openness; by fostering pure and immutable principles of private moralities; by upholding as essential the pre-eminence of free government by cherishing peaceful and friendly communication, preferring amicable discussions and reasonable accommodation of differences to contention and discord, and rendering good for evil in all cases; by avoiding the slightest interference with the rights of conscience or the functions of religion by preferring education and enlightenment to punishment by encouraging industry rather than idleness; by fostering a spirit of independence so just as to not invade the rights of others nor to surrender our own and so liberal as to allow all men their own principles without compromising the integrity of the whole .