Economic development is implemented by a process
through which the City, its Council, private businesses and
other partners work collectively to create better conditions
for economic growth and employment generation.
Economic development is more than just infrastructure,
employment and new buildings. It is a pathway to self
sufficiency and a fiscally sound city. Economic development
is a long-term and sustained effort to build the capacity of
the City to improve its economic future and the quality of
life for its residents.

Why Hildale? Why Now?

Nestled in Zion’s Backyard, Hildale is Southern Utah’s best kept secret. Hildale City’s natural wonders such as Water Canyon, Janz Canyon, Canaan Mountain, and El Capitan Mountain peak make us a sought-after destination, not to mention the world-renowned bike trails, and locally guided horseback riding, ATV, Jeep and canyoneering tours.

Hildale City offers the finest in police and fire protection, professional office staff, and great service from hard-working public works and utility departments. A professional community development department insures quality planning and building inspection, and personalized service through permitting and licensing processes. However, the greatest thing about Hildale is the many good people who live here.

High priority projects include (in no particular order):

  • Tourism- identify and market tourism assets, assure visitors have high-quality places to stay (hotels, camping, airbnb’s etc.), create maintained trails system, work to create tourism attractions
  • Business Development – develop community profile, create business friendly environment, develop community reinvestment area, workforce development programs, incentives inventory
  • Agriculture – identify and create start to finish products, develop community garden, encourage self-sufficiency, create and utilize recycling and composting programs
  • Education– develop business center, identify education gaps at business level, align business sector with higher education and certificate programs
  • Quality of life – community safety and support, community cleanliness and access to necessities, increase and support events and programs
Do you want to open a business in Hildale?

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Mariah La Corti
Economic Development Coordinator

320 East Newel Ave, Hildale, UT 84784