Press Release: U.S. District Court Injuctive Order


COLORADO CITY, ARIZONA/HILDALE, UTAH (April 19, 2017)- A new chapter has opened  for the Town of Colorado City, Arizona, and the City of Hildale, Utah, with the close of  litigation in Federal Court and an injunctive order issued on April 18, 2017, by United  States District Judge, H. Russel Holland. The Cities are ready to comply with the Court  order and heal our communities to ensure that the constitutional rights of all citizens are upheld.

The Cities have already implemented or initiated many of the changes and improvements  that have been ordered by the Court. For example, the water connection ordinance that  was adopted in 2010 was repealed, and water service regulations were updated. Also, each  city has established a website with access to applications, meeting notices, ordinances, etc.  The Town of Colorado City retained a police practices expert several months ago to bring  the Marshal’s Office forward in nationally recognized police practices and professional  standards which includes systems for accountability to prevent Constitutional violations.  He has assisted the Cities in implementing a review of policies, practices and structure of  the Marshal’s Office. He has also conducted focused training on Constitutional policing and  community problem solving in a pro-active effort to provide unbiased and fair policing  services.

The Marshal’s Office has implemented a strategic plan to accelerate compliance with the  federal guidelines in the best interest of the citizens and to improve police delivery  systems. The Marshal’s Office is also prepared to work with regional law enforcement to  provide services to the citizens of our community, and to build a relationship with  surrounding counties.

The Cities are going forward to a bright future, and although resources may be limited, the  public can appreciate additional changes and improvements that will continue as quickly as  possible. It is our intent and desire to provide the best services possible and maintain the  safety of all citizens of our community.


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